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Tom Ross

Specializing in business & real estate law, zoning appeals, wills, estates and trusts.

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There is no substitute for extensive legal knowledge and skill achieved by experience in the practice of law.

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Do I Need Legal Assistance?

Wills, trusts and estates, though necessary, can seem confusing and overwhelming. With the guidance of a qualified attorney, however, this need not be the case. Your attorney can assist you in understanding how these tools may serve you or your duties regarding them, and explain your options in your specific circumstances. A qualified legal professional can assist with drafting and establishing these instruments, and with their administration. At Morrison, Ross and Whelan, we will consult with you to understand your goals and how we can best serve you, and are happy to take the time to answer your questions.

If you need to set up a will, we can offer insightful assistance with this process to protect your family and your assets. Our firm can also assist you when a will is in probate and help to resolve any legal issues you are facing upon the passing of another. Aside from any testamentary trusts listed in your will, we can also assist with inter vivos trusts, which are effective during your lifetime. The law surrounding Wills and Estates is highly involved and requires a reliable attorney. We can ensure your goals, assets and beneficiaries are protected.

Estate Planning In Virginia

Estate planning is an area in which we at Morrison, Ross and Whelan have tremendous experience and a broad understanding of the factors involved. We can ensure no necessary details are overlooked and take into account all of your options when advising you on these matters. We can assist you with selecting a trustee, protecting your assets and establishing the necessary arrangements that protect your intentions following your passing. You can always turn to us when faced with problems arising from wills and trusts. When a dispute arises, our litigation team is experienced in trust disputes, fiduciary attacks, accounting issues and even sibling rivalries.

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