Reckless Driving

Do I Need An Attorney To Fight A Reckless Driving Charge?

Just like with any other traffic violation, if you are charged with reckless driving, you may be tempted to admit guilt in order to “move on” from the episode. The effects of a reckless driving conviction, however, can reach quite far.

The attorneys at Morrison, Ross and Whelan are quite familiar with how the roads in our part of the state — particularly Interstate 66, U.S. Highway 29 and U.S. Highway 15 — are common spots for police to charge drivers with reckless driving. We know what it takes to help you effectively resolve your charges and keep your license.

A Reckless Driving Conviction Can Lead To Serious Consequences

Far too many Virginia drivers do not understand what a reckless driving charge means. Police can use a reckless driving charge for many different situations, including if you:

  • Caused a car accident, even a single-car accident
  • Were driving at least 20 mph above the speed limit
  • Were driving faster than 80 mph anywhere
  • Were driving too fast for conditions
  • Passed an emergency vehicle
  • Passed another vehicle at a railroad crossing

A conviction on any reckless driving charge can lead to time in jail, expensive fines, lengthy license suspension and increased insurance rates. Additionally, if you are a truck driver or have a commercial driver’s license, a reckless driving charge could affect your employment.

We Can Help You Restore Your License

If you have lost your license to suspension or revocation, our lawyers can help you jump through the complicated legal hoops required to have some or all of your driving privileges restored. With decades spent in the criminal defense field, including time spent as prosecutors, our attorneys know how the system works and the evidence you need to get your license back.

Contact Morrison, Ross and Whelan at 540-347-1000 if you face reckless driving charges and are in danger of losing your license.