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Warrenton, VA Personal Injury Attorneys Serve Accident Victims

Dedicated trial lawyers pursue optimal results for clients

Since our firm’s founding in 1987, Morrison, Ross and Whelan has represented clients with painful and disabling personal injuries. As determined advocates, we have fought to hold negligent parties accountable for the harm they’ve caused by recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible for our clients. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you can trust our seasoned trial lawyers to assert your rights and fight hard to deliver the results you deserve.

What do personal injury attorneys do?

Personal injury lawyers handle cases for people who have been injured or had their property damaged in accidents of all kinds. Very frequently, these cases involve claims with insurance companies, which have an interest in paying out the least amount possible. Insurance companies are for-profit entities that use a variety of tactics to minimize what they must pay, even when they are obligated by an insurance policy. Our attorneys have valuable experience negotiating with insurers and employ effective legal strategies for getting companies to pay fair settlements.

Your ally against the large insurance companies

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can exert considerable pressure on an insurance company. Immediately upon being hired, our lawyers notify the insurance company that you have legal representation and ask them to direct all correspondence to our office, not to you. This sends a clear message that you are willing to take your claim to court, which means the insurance company will have to pay lawyers of its own if it wishes to keep fighting you. In some cases, this immediately triggers an offer from the insurance company, simply to get the case to go away.

In addition, the insurance company now knows that it cannot hope to pressure or trick you. Insurance companies often pressure claimants to take a quick offer, even if it seems low, by threatening that it will be the final offer. In law, however, there is no final offer until the paperwork is signed. Our attorneys understand insurance company tactics and know how to overcome them.

Finally, if your case goes to court, we are able to bring the strongest evidence to bear. We consult expert witnesses, such as doctors and accident reconstruction engineers, to back up your claim with objective facts. Your chances of winning an insurance dispute go up as soon as you have our legal team on your side.

Experienced with various vehicle accident scenarios and serious injuries

Most of the personal injury claims our firm handles result from motor vehicle accidents, including passenger car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and commercial truck accidents. We have experience holding negligent drivers accountable for a variety of accident scenarios, such as:

  • Intersection accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Side-swipe accidents
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Vehicle rollovers

The cases we manage include catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, loss of limb, paralysis and wrongful death. All such cases cry out for justice, which is why you need an experienced and skilled legal team as your personal ally. We are determined to do battle and recover the compensation you deserve.

Contact our Warrenton law firm for dedicated personal injury representation throughout Virginia

Morrison, Ross and Whelan provides highly professional and conscientious legal representation for your personal injury case. If you are in Virginia and need a personal injury lawyer, call 540-349-6262 or contact our office online to schedule a consultation. We are located just off 211 and business 29, in the heart of Fauquier County at 31 Garrett Street in Warrenton.

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