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Understanding Real Estate Law

Being involved in any kind of real estate transaction immediately carries the need for sound legal counsel. Certain legal requirements are part and parcel of the real estate industry and additional situations will inevitably arise in which you require the help of a skilled real estate lawyer such as Tom Ross — the Wizard of Warrenton. Whether you are involved in construction, real estate development, investing, property management or any such activity within professional, commercial, residential or other spheres, the right legal assistance can make all the difference. The breadth of real estate law and the complexities involved in any given case demand the guidance of experienced legal representation with matters such as: Construction

  • Construction contracts
  • Construction defects
  • Titles and deeds
  • Title defects
  • Land use and zoning restrictions
  • Environmental compliance
  • Environmental litigation
  • Apartment law
  • Multifamily law
  • Indoor air quality
  • Commercial leasing
  • Property management
  • Risk management corporate litigation
  • Partnership litigation
  • LLC litigation

Providing Dedicated Legal Counsel

At Ross Law, our command of all areas of real estate law allows us to take a comprehensive approach to your case. We will conduct an in-depth review and consult with you on your desired outcome on the matter before determining the best course of action by which to pursue it. Whether you need help with defensive measures against legal actions taken against you or wish to initiate legal proceedings in order to resolve the issues you face, we can help. We will take a light approach where possible but will not hesitate to intensify our efforts and take your case to trial. Whatever is needed to best resolve the situation, we are dedicated to protect your rights and goals as our valued client.

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