What can you include in funeral plans in your will?

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Planning for your death by creating a will is a responsible act that can alleviate stress for loved ones during a difficult time. One aspect of this planning involves outlining your funeral preferences.

By clearly specifying your wishes, you can ensure that your funeral reflects your values and desires.

Service details

Begin by outlining the type of funeral service you desire, including any religious or cultural traditions. This could include both a ceremony and a gathering with close friends and family.


Addressing financial matters is important. Specify how you want your money to cover your funeral expenses. You can allocate funds from your estate or designate a specific account for this purpose. Providing clear instructions can prevent confusion or disputes among family members.


Detail any specific arrangements you have regarding the funeral service. This could include selecting a funeral home, choosing a casket, arranging for transportation of remains and deciding on floral arrangements or donations.

Memorial preferences

Consider if you want a memorial service or gathering after the funeral. Specify any preferences for location, date and format. You may also suggest ways for mourners to honor your memory, such as donating to a favorite charity or planting a tree.

Special requests

Include any special requests or personal touches you want in your funeral. This could range from specific music selections and readings to the attire you want mourners to wear. Your funeral should reflect your individuality and the things that mattered most to you.

Legal documentation

Ensure that your funeral wishes are legally binding by including them in your will. Consult with a legal professional to draft or update your will accordingly. Keep a copy of your will in a secure location and inform trusted loved ones of its contents.

By sitting down to write out funeral plans, you can provide peace of mind for your loved ones and leave them feeling secure after you die. Taking the time to document your wishes also ensures that your family and friends honor your memory meaningfully.